Unleash Your Creativity with Our New Comic Book Style Templates

It's time to embrace your inner superhero and let your social media graphics come alive with Comic Book-inspired content from Box Out. These six dynamic layouts add a burst of vibrant colors while injecting a dose of fun, creativity, and personality into your graphics to turn your student-athletes and coaches into superheroes.

Let's take a closer look and help you take the world by storm.


Gameday (shown in multi-format)

Score Update

Score Update (shown in multi-format)

Player Stats

Player Spotlight (shown in landscape)
Player Spotlight (shown in landscape)


Quick-Hitter (shown in landscape)
Quick-Hitter (shown in multi-format)


Lineup (shown in landscape)
Lineup (shown in multi-format)

Open Text/Quote

Open Text/Quote (shown in landscape)
Open Text/Quote (shown in multi-format)

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Robbie Lightfoot

Robbie Lightfoot

VP of Sales at Box Out | Former College Sports Information Director