New Koda-Chrome Series Drops

As you get ready for your winter sports Box Out is at it again with more content to captivate your fanbase.

We've incorporated unique, chrome elements into this series to give you a shiny, detailed look for not only hockey, but for many of your sports.

Score Update

Score (landscape)
Score (multi-format)

Have a hockey team and want to add a hint of the ice rink to your graphic? We have you covered! With a single click you can add the hashmarks within the face-off circles to dress it up.

Score shown for hockey
Multi-format shown for hockey


With up to 6 players you can flexibly utilize this graphic for many different sports and purposes. From basketball and tennis lineups to even announcing multiple award-winners and all-conference selections, the Lineup template makes showcasing your athletes a breeze.

Lineup (shown for tennis doubles)
Lineup (shown with 6 players for hockey)


From goals and saves to dunks and gamedays, this flexible template helps you highlight the big plays from your players with ease or get your fans ready for Gameday.

Title/Goal (Goal graphic)
Title/Goal (Official Offer, Signing Day)
Title/Goal (Gameday graphic)
Title/Goal (multi-format)

Stars of the Game

Synonymous with hockey, this template highlights the best three players on the ice that day. We even gave you the ability to change the color of the 3-Dimensional stars for an added touch of flair.

Three Stars (landscape)
Three Stars (National Rankings graphic)
Three Stars (Cross country finish graphic)
Three Stars (multi-format)

We hope you enjoy this new chrome series as there's plenty more to come for winter sports!

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Robbie Lightfoot

Robbie Lightfoot

VP of Sales at Box Out | Former College Sports Information Director