Open Your Notebooks to a New Design Series

Box Out is taking you back to school with our new Notebook Series.

These designs combine tape, torn paper, folds, doodles, sketches and scribbles (y'know, all of the things you did in class to pass the time.)

So, let's start passing notes and share this look with you.

Key Player Stats

We've taken this layout and combined it with all things 'notebook,' including space for up to three stats and a nice spot for a yearbook picture (or player photo.) It's also a great complimentary set to our Polaroid Series.

Key Player Stats (landscape)
Key Player Stats (multi-format)


When designing this graphic we couldn't decide on a few different layouts, so rather than three graphics we made four!

Tune-in/Gameday #1 (shown in landscape)
Tune-in/Gameday 2 (landscape)
Tune-in/Gameday (multi-format)

Score Update

From sports that feature quarters, halves or periods we've built this template to cover any event with a score.

Score (landscape)
Score (multi-format)


Sometimes you need a quick quote after the game while other times you need a graphic to include numerous amounts of text. This set gives you that flexibility!

Text/Quote (landscape)
Text/Quote (multi-format)


We designed this template to feature 2-5 players making it great for a starting lineup or highlighting multiple student-athletes.

Lineup (landscape)
Lineup (multi-format)

5-Panel Carousel (Premium)

5-panel carousel

This is one of the most advanced and flexible templates we've designed! This graphic can be used for Instagram carousels, 4-graphic & 2-graphic posts for Twitter or save a specific template to share individually.

You have the option to choose from five different layouts within each of the five panels to customize what you'd like to recap: Game Info, Game Stats, Score Update and two Player Spotlights.

Mix-and-match each option based on your needs. Check out some examples below.

Posting Two Panels to Twitter

Captivate your fans & followers in a fresh way by taking two panels and posting them within a single tweet. This combines them into one, larger graphic.

Two panel graphics posted within a single tweet

Posting as an Instagram Carousel

You can also creatively engage with your fanbase by posting 2 to 5 panels to create an Instagram carousel.

Post multiple panels to Instagram and create a carousel

Panel Breakdowns

Here's a look at all five individual panels you can choose from

Game Info Panel

Score Update Panel

Stats Panel

Player Spotlight (version 1)

Player Spotlight (version 2)

How will you be using the new Notebook Series? Pass us a note in class (or tag us @BoxOutSports

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Robbie Lightfoot

Robbie Lightfoot

VP of Sales at Box Out | Former College Sports Information Director