Bring the Party to Your Fans with Neon Lights

Bright, colorful and attention-grabbing. The combination of visual appeal, clear messaging, and emotional connection makes neon signs an extremely effective way to grab people's attention and we think there's no better theme to incorporate into Box Out graphics.

These vibrant, eye-catching visuals are sure to excite your fans and followers.


Inspired by a movie theater poster, this template provides the marquee matchup sure to get fans in the stands.

Tune-In/Gameday (shown in landscape)
Tune-In/Gameday (shown in multi-format)

Score Update

Score (shown in landscape)
Score (shown in multi-format)


Quick-Hitter (shown in landscape)
Quick-Hitter (shown in multi-format)

Player Stats

Player Stats (shown in landscape)
Player Stats (shown in multi-format)


This unique graphic is much more than just a basketball lineup, but is specifically designed to highlight 1-5 student-athletes making it great for pre and post-season accomplishments or multiple individuals who have earned academic honors.

Lineup (shown in landscape)
Lineup (shown in multi-format)

It's time to glow up your game letting your teams & athletes shine under the bright lights of all things neon! Β 

How will you be using the new Neon Light Series? Tag us @BoxOutSports and let us know.

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Robbie Lightfoot

Robbie Lightfoot

VP of Sales at Box Out | Former College Sports Information Director