Showcase Your Strikeout Artist

Looking for a way to visualize the power and precision of your top baseball/softball pitcher? Check out our cutting-edge graphic that showcases a pitcher's impressive strikeout skills!

Featuring a dynamic K chart, this stunning graphic reveals the number of total strikeouts and 'strikeouts-looking' (backwards K's) achieved by the pitcher in each game.

Let's take a closer look.

Pitcher Feature (shown in landscape)
Pitcher Feature (shown in multi-format)

It also includes additional pitching stats that quickly breakdown total pitches and total strikes thrown (or whatever info you'd like to include.)

You can even change the outfield wall to your branded school colors or use the default green background. The outfield distance can also be edited from baseball to softball too!

So get your scorecards ready and enjoy this unique pitcher template.

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Robbie Lightfoot

Robbie Lightfoot

VP of Sales at Box Out | Former College Sports Information Director