Introducing 3D Carousels

Today we are excited to introduce two of the most advanced graphics we have developed at Box Out – our new 3D Feature and Photo Carousel templates. Motion content is quickly becoming the new standard and these templates are packed with options that give you the flexibility you need to highlight your teams and student-athletes.

The carousels can feature score updates, action photos, player highlights and even transparent, cut-out images! The carousel slides rotate with a hint of 3D swagger every few seconds to inform and engage your fans in a first-class way. The biggest difference between the two templates is that the 3D Carousel Feature allows you to take advantage of our player database. Enough talk, lets check out a few examples.

3D Carousel Feature
3D Carousel Photo


Rather than lock this template into one sport or one type of graphic, we kept it flexible. For example, another great use could be for recapping individual scores for sports like tennis, golf, track & field and swimming & diving.

Or, to add a whole new level of whizbang to your graphics, take advantage of your existing player database along with transparent, cut-out images.

We hope you enjoy these new dimensional graphics. Why don't you go kick the tires of the 3D Carousel Feature and Photo graphics and we'll get back to work revolutionizing how you highlight your athletic department.

Oh, and after you do use this, tweet or tag us at @boxoutsports or send an email to with your example because we love seeing our graphics in the wild.

Robbie Lightfoot

Robbie Lightfoot

VP of Sales at Box Out | Former College Sports Information Director