New Opponent Logo Templates

Yesterday, we released the opponent library logos feature. Today, we are following that up with three new templates that take advantage of it. We thought you might enjoy a few examples of the new Gameday, Score Update and Starting Lineup templates. Additionally, we included a short screencast showing one of the templates in action.

The Templates

Gameday graphic utilizing the new opponent logo features.
Score Update graphic utilizing the new opponent logo feature.
Lineup Graphic utilizing the new opponent logo feature.

In Action

Let's say you are creating a graphic using our new Logo Gameday template. When you click on the Opponent Logo, you will see tabs up at the top. Team Graphics will look familiar, but in addition to that you will now see the Opponent Library. From the Opponent Library tab, you can easily search for an opponent and their logo (or even TV networks). Check out the speedy screencast below to see the words above in action.


This enhancement is all part of our continued focus on making graphics creation easier and faster for you. Fun fact: these templates are also perfect for Basic subscribers, who previously had no ability to include an opponent logo within their content. Go forth and use logos!

Are there other features you would like to see added to help make your job easier? Let us know with a tweet (@boxoutsports) or an email (, as your ideas and feedback are always welcome.

Robbie Lightfoot

Robbie Lightfoot

VP of Sales at Box Out | Former College Sports Information Director