Using Box Out for Recruiting

For many coaching staffs across the country recruiting a student-athlete is an arms race. Facilities, academics, and tradition can all play a vital role in the recruiting process. The better you can highlight and communicate your programs' strengths, the greater chance your recruit will attend.

How can a graphic help me land a top recruit?

Coaches want to create visually captivating content to send to their recruits fast. They know first impressions are everything. Simply being the first to create a graphic with the recruit's photo plus your school logo and colors can go a long way. Box Out can help because we make creating a professional-looking graphic quick and easy.

Upcoming Events

We intentionally design our templates to be flexible allowing you to use them for whatever purpose necessary. For example, we have an Upcoming Events graphic that allots you a title, sub-header and five bullet points. This graphic is perfect to double as an itinerary for Official Visits.

Create the graphic beforehand and text or DM the recruit in prep for their visit (based on recruiting rules and guidelines). Another option is to save and print the graphic and hand it to them upon arrival.

In addition to Upcoming Events, we have several Key Player templates that can meet a similar need.

Signing Day

Another great option is our Signing Day graphic. This template is not limited for the day you officially sign your top recruit and can also be used as an Official Offer graphic. Official Offers are prestigious and the ultimate goal for a recruit. Having a graphic customized for this purpose is almost guaranteed to get posted and shared by the recruit on their social media accounts.

Coach's Quote

Another template for recruiting is our Text Heavy graphic. Not only could this be used for itineraries, but also for a coach's quote regarding the recruit. This provides a first-hand look at how the coach values them.

Phone Lock Screen

Another option that can act as a daily reminder to recruits is the Player Phone Lock Screen. This template can be sent to recruits who then have the opportunity to make it their phone background, giving you prime placement and acting as a constant reminder of how much they are valued.

These are a few examples of using Box Out for recruiting, but we would love to know more. How are you using graphics in recruiting? Tweet us at @boxoutsports or shoot an email to

Robbie Lightfoot

Robbie Lightfoot

VP of Sales at Box Out | Former College Sports Information Director