Improved Opponent Importing

One of our customer’s favorite features is getting a big upgrade today: Opponent Imports. We're launching an easier interface, and automatic updates. Now, instead of a separate screen, importing opponents can happen right from your Opponent list screen. Just start searching using the input at the top of the page.

New Opponent Import Workflow
New Opponent Import Workflow

A new way of importing opponents

When you find the opponent you’re looking for, clicking Import now immediately adds that team to your opponent list; no need to collect a group of teams and wait for them to process.

You can also search for group names, like conferences, instead of searching your conference opponents one-by-one.

Search for Teams, Mascots, and Conferences/Groups

But even better, once you’ve added a team using the new import system, it’s always linked to the imported team. If we update a name, mascot, or logo, your imported team will automatically update with the new information.

Overwriting imported opponent data

There may be reasons why you want to change a specific part of an imported opponent. For example, if their primary color is too close to yours, you could set it to their secondary color, or some neutral gray. Or maybe you want to change their abbreviation, or use a white version of their logo.

You can still update any part of the imported team by clicking Edit, and updating any field you want. There’s just a few things to note about changing imported data:

  • Any data you change will not automatically update. For example, if you update the mascot, it will always be what you set, even if we update the mascot in the opponent library.
  • You can always reset the opponent back to the library data. When editing an imported opponent, if you have changed any imported data there will be a Reset button at the top right that will enable you to clear out any changes you’ve made to the opponent.

We’re so excited about how our customers have been using the opponent library, and happy to continue making improvements to this time-saving feature.

Steve Smith

Steve Smith

Lead application designer
South Bend, IN