Get Creative - Pivot Your Content

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has put a damper on our Spring, Summer, and now even Fall sports. Athletes miss playing and spectators miss cheering on their favorite teams. We are all feeling the fall out. Athletic departments are hard at work figuring out how to move forward and keep everyone safe. Unfortunately, that involves postponing Fall sports till Spring or cancelling Fall sports completely for the year.

As if 2020 couldn’t get any worse!

Regardless of what your teams end up having to do in light of COVID, it is essential to communicate effectively on their behalf. This is a time to pivot your content; share stories, highlight student-athletes, recognize team success, and most importantly engage your fans on social media. This is not a time to be lax or go dark. Now more than ever, it is important to get creative with your communication.

We are here to help.

Highlight your athletes & teams

Many have worked hard on and off the field. Spotlight their successes individually and as a whole. Share collective stats. Cycle through a “get-to-know” your team series - introducing your players, coaches, and new recruits. This will help bring your athletes to life and get fans better connected with their favorite teams. We provide many helpful templates to make this type of engagement easy to produce. Mix it up with any of our Players Spotlight graphics, Motion/Video templates, and even some of our Game Day Promotions can be altered to fit your needs.

"Get-to-know" players with almost any template
Show off practices or training sessions

Engage with your fans

Interactive graphics are the latest craze. Try a themed Bingo or This Or That challenge. Using Box Out, you can whip up these activities in a matter of minutes.

Bingo template and This Or That challenge

You can even host a few rounds of Two Truths and a Lie with the help of our Key Player - BASE graphic, just like I did when I joined Box Out Sports.

Get creative with our Key Player - Base Graphic

Host virtual activities. Explore campus with your fans and recruits. Tour your locker room, training ground, and athletic facility. Give them the inside scoop!

Host virtual visits or activities to highlight campus

Use this time to mix things up. Have fun with your teams, get the players involved, and engage your supporters. Do anything you can to keep people interacting with your content. Don’t let COVID-19 destroy how hard you’ve worked in previous seasons. At some point sports will resume and you’ll want everyone anxiously awaiting to fill the stands.

So go get ‘em!

Cassie Le Mills

Cassie Le Mills