Ticket Templates that Pack a Punch

The journey from the regular season to the post-season is an exhilarating ride for fans and followers alike so we wanted to visually represent that through our new Ticket Punched templates.

But it's not just about the post-season. We flexibly created these templates to highlight individual achievements for your student-athletes and help you sell and promote tickets.

Let's take a closer look at these graphics and how you can utilize them for whatever purpose you need.

Ticket Punched 1

Ticket Punched 1 (shown in landscape)
Ticket Punched 1 (shown in multi-format)

Ticket Punched 2

Ticket Punched 2 (shown in landscape)
Ticket Punched 2 (shown in multi-format)

Ticket Punched 3 (premium)

We added our clipping feature to make your student-athletes and photos pop right out of the ticket!

Ticket Punched 3 (shown in landscape)
Ticket Punched 3 (shown in multi-format)

Ticket Punched 4 (premium)

We kept the variety coming by adding clipping template to remove the background of the photo and create more depth to your template.

Ticket Punched 4 (shown in landscape)
Ticket Punched 4 (shown in multi-format)

Ticket Spread

No matter the sport or event, we've designed this ticket spread template to highlight all of your needs. From court, turf, dirt, wood and even sand, we give you the opportunity to swap out the background.

You can take full advantage of the text options to use it for Ticket Sales, etc.

Ticket Spread (shown in landscape)
Ticket Spread (shown in multi-format)
Ticket Spread (shown with five background options)

Ticket Tag

By taking advantage of the text you can use this template to promote ticket sales, post-season accolades or even gamedays. You also have the ability to include up to two photos.

Ticket Tag (shown in landscape)
Ticket Tag (shown in multi-format)

How will you creatively be utilizing these ticket templates?

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Robbie Lightfoot

Robbie Lightfoot

VP of Sales at Box Out | Former College Sports Information Director