The Liquid Metal Series Drops

We're always trying to create content that goes beyond conventional designs and that's what we've accomplished with this revolutionary concept - Liquid Metal. This groundbreaking approach takes graphics to a whole new level, seamlessly blending the fluidity of liquid metal with the intensity of athletic prowess.

Let's take a closer look at how this series combines metallic textures with reflective, liquid qualities.


Gameday (shown in landscape)
Gameday (shown in multi-format)

Score Update

Score (shown in landscape)
Score (shown in multi-format)

Player Stats

Stats (shown with one Player)
Stats (shown with two players)
Stats (shown in multi-format)


Headline (shown in landscape)
Headline (shown in multi-format)

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Robbie Lightfoot

Robbie Lightfoot

VP of Sales at Box Out | Former College Sports Information Director