The Poster Series has Arrived

One trend that has gained traction recently is the creation of templates that mimic the style and impact of traditional posters. These graphics, while digital in nature, embody the essence of posters with their bold visuals, striking typography, and captivating messages. Let's delve into this design trend and explore what makes it so compelling.


Gameday (shown in landscape)
Gameday (shown in multi-format)


Score (shown in landscape)
Score (shown in multi-format)


Stats (shown in landscape)
Stats (shown in multi-format)


Quick-Hitter (shown in landscape)
Quick-Hitter (shown in multi-format)


Headline (shown in landscape)

Headline (shown in multi-format with cloud background)
Headline (shown in multi-format with photo background)

Bonus Baseball/Softball Graphics

Score Update

Score Update (shown in landscape)
Score Update (shown in multi-format)


Lineup (shown in landscape)
Lineup (shown in multi-format)

How will you use the new Poster series? Tag us @BoxOutSports begin reaching for the stars with these new templates.

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Robbie Lightfoot

Robbie Lightfoot

VP of Sales at Box Out | Former College Sports Information Director