Branded Avatars Are Here!

Social media avatars are one of the first things fans and followers see as part of your digital footprint.

It's extremely important to keep your brand consistent and cohesive by having one, branded look. That's where these avatar graphics come in handy.

With our Avatar-Team template you can upload your logo, choose your colors and even add in additional text to designate a specific team or a department-wide hashtag for all of your teams.

Avatar displaying logo (left), logo & sports name (center) logo & hashtag (right)

But we didn't stop there. Your avatars have a voice! Within our Avatar-Occassions we've made it possible to easily show support of diffrerent holidays and causes throughout the year such as 4th of July, Pride Month, Father's Day/Autism Awareness, Mothers, Day/Breast Cancer Awareness, Black History Month and more.

You can take your brand one step further to ensure all of your team members, staff, coaches, grad assistants, etc. have a similar look with our Avatar-Personal template.

Personal Avatar displaying team logo w/ color overlay (left) & team logo w/ standard photo (right)

You can also add a color overlay to your photos which quickly adds uniformity within your department making you stand out.

Start showing your support with these new avatar templates!

Robbie Lightfoot

Robbie Lightfoot

VP of Sales at Box Out | Former College Sports Information Director